Energy storage balances and optimizes variable renewable energy assets – even when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing.

Energy storage is vital for providing stable, flexible power, and managing this new grid requires technology-driven leadership in energy asset management.

At Key Capture Energy, we’re building and operating large-scale energy storage projects today that will transition us to the grid of tomorrow.

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Develop, Construct, Operate

Strategically deployed and operated battery storage is a win for the power grid, energy customers, and local communities. Key Capture Energy is the market leader in developing, constructing, and operating battery storage assets with sophisticated analytical solutions that provide value to all customers.

Our growing footprint stretches across the Northeast, Texas, Midwest, and West. Our projects are strategically located to provide the grid reliability that communities need – including some of the first utility-scale battery storage projects in New York and Texas.

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Build Transfer

Key Capture Energy’s build-transfer transactions enable utility partners to fully own projects when it is advantageous for customers. In 2021, we developed NY 3, a 4.4 MW battery storage facility, for a New York utility looking to maintain reliability and avoid expensive infrastructure upgrades. From distribution level to utility scale, KCE partners with utilities to meet their needs – whether it is a long-term contract or a build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT).

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Third Party Revenue Optimization

Driven by data and insights, our software and market intelligence is creating a more advanced and resilient grid for all customers. Our autonomous energy bidding platform, MarketCapture® powered by our optimization engine WattBot® maximizes revenue and value for battery storage projects in Texas, with roll-out expected in 2024 for New York.

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