Intelligence for the Grid of the Future

Battery storage solutions are key to enabling renewable energy resources, but making decisions about how to optimize the use of battery systems is complex. Battery storage provides important grid reliability services, and KCE’s optimization team specializes in the best deployment of storage in any given interval. KCE’s optimization strategy considers several factors such as:

  • Wholesale market price forecasts
  • Planned maintenance and testing
  • Real-time project status and capabilities

In today’s quickly evolving energy landscape, technology-driven solutions provide unparalleled visibility into the grid and real, data-proven returns. With Key Capture Energy’s innovative solutions, customers get seamless, remote operation and management of energy assets all while maximizing asset revenue.

KCE has an industry leading team of 14 full time staff members focused on revenue optimization, price forecasting, and software development in energy markets.

Powerful Machine Learning to Accelerate the Energy Transition

Watt Bot logo on the left and Market Capture logo on the right.

With four years of market data across over 10 Texas projects, Key Capture Energy’s suite of energy bidding tools, MarketCapture®, automates wholesale market participation with robust analysis to support effective decision-making. KCE has a proven track record of outperforming the market.

MarketCapture® enables:

  • Intelligent day ahead bidding that optimizes between ancillary services and energy markets
  • Real time energy market bidding, powered by WattBot® optimizer, that updates every 5 minutes with the latest grid and project information
  • Daily, weekly and monthly revenue reporting and benchmarking

KCE leverages its battery storage expertise and investments in energy intelligence and technology platforms across assets. MarketCapture® and WattBot® currently operate in the Texas – and the technology will be expanding as KCE’s footprint expands.

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