Key Capture Energy Announces Launch of KCE TX19 and TX21 Projects to Provide Grid Reliability for ERCOT Customers

Overview of storage unit at storage site.

Key Capture Energy is proud to announce the launch of two 50 MW battery storage projects in
central Texas: TX 19 and TX 21. The two installations, both located in Williamson County
approximately 35 miles northeast of Austin, represent the continued, rapid growth of KCE’s
battery storage development in Texas. 
“Right before the August heat wave, KCE TX 19 and 21 came online, providing additional,
critically needed capacity into the ERCOT system,” said Jeff Bishop, Co-founder and CEO of
Key Capture Energy. “Our team is committed to bringing Texans the power grid reliability
needed while also delivering exceptional value through our cutting edge, machine-learning
driven automation and optimization to provide peak battery storage performance and best
possible value for ERCOT customers. We’re excited about the growth we see in Texas and
nationwide with over 5,000 MW of new project capacity in KCE’s development pipeline.”
With news of ERCOT’s electricity demand hitting record peak after peak this summer, there is a
clear need for additional battery energy storage systems across the state to provide grid
reliability and resiliency in the face of weather extremes – such as the persistent heat the Lone
Star State has experienced throughout this summer. 
With both KCE TX 19 and TX 21 coming online, Key Capture Energy’s total capacity in Texas is
now 380 MW – with additional storage project development and construction already underway. 
About Key Capture Energy
Key Capture Energy is transitioning us to the grid of tomorrow. KCE is a leading developer and
owner of battery storage projects and energy solution services across the US, implementing
market optimization software to create a more advanced and resilient electric grid.
Headquartered in Albany, New York, with offices in Houston, Texas and New York City, Key
Capture Energy develops, constructs, and operates energy storage solutions to foster greater
deployment of renewable energy, foster a stable electric grid, and provide value to ratepayers.
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