Head shot of Joel Turkheimer.

Joel Turkheimer

Executive Vice President, Market Development

Joel Turkheimer is Executive Vice President of Market Development at Key Capture Energy. In this role, he is responsible for guiding KCE’s development of new projects and market operations. Joel is responsible for the advanced optimization systems that manage KCE’s growing fleet of systems and he also oversees the design and implementation of KCE’s strategy for new project development, including performing extensive forward-looking analysis to optimize siting. Joel and the Market Development and Operations teams work with construction, operations, finance, and other departments to bring KCE’s projects online and ensure seamless integration into KCE’s growing fleet.

Prior to joining KCE, Joel was a Director at Energy GPS LLC, where he developed and managed the development of models for battery storage optimization and valuation, supported energy asset contract negotiation, and various other tasks.

Joel is a graduate of Oregon State University and Portland State University with degrees in Economics and Mathematics, respectively.